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We are lucky enough to be fostering two kittens from the cat shelter! Above, Scout (female). The kittens are four weeks old and are incredibly sweet. But they do have to be fed milk from a bottle every four hours! I have been feeling lethargic these past two days because I have been getting up at 6am to feed them. Hopefully they will be able to move onto solid foods soon. The cat shelter is inundated with kittens at the moment; fostering lightens their burden. The kitten’s mum caught mastitis (inflammation of the breast tissue, which is incidentally what many female cows suffer from when producing milk for humans) and as such could not feed her kittens any more.

In other news I donated blood for the first time today – took me long enough! I felt a little woozy afterwards, but nothing a glass of orange squash at the centre couldn’t fix.


Above, Bandit (male) and Scout (female) sleeping!  Have a great weekend all!



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Was really happy today, because Thompson, above, has finally been homed! He really had turned into a little ball of love, who always wanted attention, and was very happy to be picked up. It just goes to show how aggressive cats can be rehabilitated, and how important good shelters are in achieving this. It’s important to support your local animal shelter, because they are doing a great service to society, and deserve all the support from local residents. Thompson would still be on the streets if it weren’t for the volunteers at the shelter, and he would never have found a home if it weren’t for volunteers patiently winning his trust, approaching him & stroking him.

In short:

  • Don’t buy animals
  • Always adopt animals from local shelters
  • Always sterilise your pets
  • Never breed your pets

Spread the word! 🙂

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Due to the plastic carrier bag charge introduced in Wales (5p), supermarkets claim that their usage has dropped up to 90% ! Not only that, but Northern Ireland is implementing  a similar plastic bag tax in April 2013 🙂 The plastic bag tax was introduced in Wales six months ago, and already Tesco have collected £300 000 from this tax which is going to benefit the RSPB in Wales. Likewise, the Co-op in Wales have collected £100 000, all of which is going to support environmental projects in Wales. It is success like this that makes me fairly confident that the plastic bag charge will be introduced in England too!

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Above, Thompson from the cat shelter. Isn’t he sweet? Last Sunday he almost got adopted – the lady was stroking his face, with me next to her saying ‘Err… he is a bit antsy with people you know…although he has come a long way’ (which is volunteer talk for watch out, he might swipe at you, but please consider adopting him anyway…I needn’t have been concerned though, he was as good as gold and very appreciative of being petted!).

In other news, my MP sent me a letter saying that animal welfare was ‘a high priority’ for them, having campaigned for ‘an end to the trade in cat and dog fur, defending the UK’s ban on the live export of British horses for slaughter and toughening up the rules on transport of animals’. Which is nice to know. Apparently, if wild animals were banned in circuses in Britain now, ‘it could be challenged in both British and European courts’. Which doesn’t make an awful lot of sense- after all, Greece managed to ban animal circuses without any challenges from European courts. My MP goes on to explain that ‘ultimately taxpayers would foot the bill for defending a legal challenge’ and as such, ‘the Government has to verify the legal status’ before going ahead. Fingers crossed that the ban goes ahead in any case!

Yesterday I saw a very frustrating video on BBC newsnight, regarding the pitiful salaries of supermarket workers (e.g. people who stack shelves) in supermarkets like Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. I was upset to hear that the workers were paid just over minimum wage, but they weren’t paid a living wage. A living wage refers to a wage that meet the basic needs of a worker; the wages that were paid by the supermarket giants simply weren’t meeting these needs because they were too low. As such, supermarket workers were supplementing their wages from state benefits i.e. the taxpayer. Effectively, the taxpayer is subsidising the supermarket giants which generate £4 billion profits between them annually, which goes to CEOs and stakeholders, instead of being shared out fairly among the workers. One of my dreams in life is to stop buying from supermarkets altogether; instead I would like to rely on farmer’s markets, independent sellers and buying in bulk from suppliers. There are many other reasons that I don’t like big supermarkets – I think they have very little respect for workers, farmers, consumers, animal welfare, zero waste and the environment.

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